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Gamma Phi Beta

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This is a moderated community site for active members of Gamma Phi Beta, alumnae of Gamma Phi Beta, or people who want to learn more about Gamma Phi Beta.

Currently, comments from people who are not members of the community are screened. This is a trial-run to see if it cuts down on the disagreements that were occurring in some posts. If you have an issue with screening of comments, please contact the moderator at amgrau@gmail.com.

Community Rules
Just a few rules, so things stay under control.

1. Treat each other with respect. Don't flame anyone. We aren't all the same person; we have different opinions. We all have our right opinions and there is never any need to be rude just because we may not agree with someone else's opinion.

2. Do not discuss anything to do with Ritual on this board. This is an open community and anyone can join. There is no way to know if non-initiated folks are reading this community or not.

3. There is no ridiculing someone for asking a question. It's rude, and uncalled for. If/when we start having the same questions asked over and over, the answers will be posted to the memories section.

4. Please keep posts related to Gamma Phi Beta. Any entries that are non-Gamma Phi Beta related will be deleted.

Violators of these rules will receive a warning on the first offense. Warnings will be sent to the email contact information on your profile page. Repeat offenders shall be banned from the community.

How do I get unmoderated posting access?

If you want to have unmoderated posting access, you must complete the survery under Getting to Know You. Please also add the gammaphi community to your friends page. This isn't a very busy community and there aren't too many posts a day. Adding the community to your friends page and posting an introductory survey to the community indicates you are serious about the community and not someone here to cause problems and make this community an unpleasant place. The moderators reserve the right to withhold or revoke any person's unmoderated posting access at any time.

Getting to Know You
When you join this community, please be kind enough to fill out this quick survey and post it to the community so we can get to know you and we can add it to our memories:
  • Your Name
  • Your School
  • Your Chapter
  • Your Year in School (if a Collegian)/Year You Graduated (if an Alumna)
  • Your Major
  • Any positions you hold/have held in the chapter

    Some of the Collegiate Chapters Represented Here:
  • Alpha Lamda - University of British Columbia
  • Gamma Phi - Auburn University
  • Delta Mu - Rutgers University
  • Delta Omicron - Southern Polytechnic State Univeristy
  • Epsilon Eta - Bridgewater State College

    Some of the Alumnae Chapters Represented Here:
  • Space Coast Alumnae Chapter - Florida

    What if I have a question or problem concerning the community?
    Contact one of the mods with your question. The preferred method of contact is email. Don't go to the moderators' personal journals and leave correspondence concerning the community there.

    The maintainer and moderator of this community is muffy. If you have any questions, email her at amgrau@gmail.com.

    The co-moderator of this community is yagoof.
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